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Mighty Chef, a Personal Chef Service

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Chef Services

What we offer:
Any type of cuisine can be prepared to your specific tastes. We offer expertise in French, Italian, Pacific Rim, Southwestern and Mediterranean cuisines. Some of our most popular requests are vegetarian, vegan, special diets, or weight management diets. Culinary consulting is also another service that we offer.

What you can expect:
Our most popular plan is bi-weekly service.
After creating a custom-made menu for you, we will prepare 18 or 20 entrees consisting of 4 servings each from 5 menus. If you choose fresh fish for one of your selections only 2 entrees will be prepared for that menu.
For a typical couple this translates to 9 or 10 meals. Food is prepared at your home using your kitchen and our equipment. We will arrive with our freshest ingredients and begin our creations. All food is packed with directions for thawing and cooking. When we finish we clean up your kitchen quickly and then quietly disappear. You prepare the food at your convenience. Suggestions on accompaniments will be provided on request.


About The Chef

Chef Darrell Fluman brings great energy and creativity to his profession and his menus. Darrell received his training at Los Angeles Culinary Institute, with further studies at L.A. Mission College Culinary Arts Institute. He served his internship at Oakmont Country Club in Glendale, CA under the direction of Executive Chef Louie Vega.


Frequently asked Questions

What areas do you service?
Mighty Chef services the entire San Fernando Valley Area.

Can you create menus for people with special diet requirements?
We can do any type of menu that works for the customer. Whether it's food allergies, weight management, or a medical condition, we can work around your needs.

Is it expensive to have a personal chef?
Price ranges vary. A personal chef service can be very affordable depending on the type of service requested, the food requested and the number of meals requested.

Who designs the menus?
You can do it with the chef, or if you prefer he can create the entire meal based on your preferences.


Contact The Chef

Darrell Fluman
San Fernando Valley
(818) 718 7128


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