Every Programming class needs a hello world program and this is for CSIT450. See there is lots of text here.

The Template

When creating HTML Documents it is a good idea to keep a template file. Then you can open it and have the four tags already there. Then you can add your text. The template tags are listed in the following bulleted list.

HTML 2.0 vs. HTML 3.2

Most of the tags we are interested in the "Hello World" web page are HTML 2.0 (let's walk before we run).
  1. HR
  2. P and BR
  4. B
  5. BLINK
  6. H1 and H2
  7. OL and UL and LI
  9. A HREF
  10. MAILTO: and HTTP:
  11. IMG SRC
There are tags for text and tags for visual elements. The inline graphic, SAMPLE.GIF, is displayed to the left.

Windows and File Management

Windows skills are needed to create HTML documents and DOS file management will help you organize your files. Remember paths? Many people recommend you keep all your images in an image folder separate from your text files. Also, when you work in the Learning Center, you have to be concerned about library rules.
[Darrell Fluman]
CSIT 450
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